What does “small group virtual fitness” mean?

Two keywords here…virtual and small. Virtual classes mean you can move in an environment where you feel most comfortable: there’s no traditional gym culture here. We’re a safe space with a welcoming platform. Being able to train in the privacy of your own space can be very powerful and healing AND you also have the added support of those that are also logging in. GS also has an online closed group to chat with, cheer on, and share experiences.

The groups session numbers are kept small (no more than 10) so that I can effectively coach safe movement.

How much space and equipment do I need?

I create these sessions with minimal in mind, usually 1 or 2 dumbbells. Resistance bands often work in the place of dumbbells and are a great cost-effective way to get started. Minimal space is needed. Any (roughly) 8ft x 8ft space will be just perfect!

Tell me more about your coaching style.

Love to! I’m here to motivate you, I’m here to help you motivate yourself and teach you consistent accountability that over time becomes intrinsic and habitual. I also coach from a place of love, acceptance, and the realization that not everyday needs to be a working day. Some movement is better than none! We celebrate all movements together.

We also celebrate strength. Everyone is deserving of strength and how it defines and aligns with you.

Speaking of goals and transformations…if you’re looking for before and after pictures here on my site, you won’t find them. You won’t find any “30-day challenge!”, “6-weeks to a beach body” or macronutrient calculators. I don’t coach for outward body esthetics. If you lose weight along the way that is for sure a win-win. As far as nutrition goes, yes it very important in a new AND on-going movement and training lifestyle. My approach to nutrition is to foster a better more nourishing relationship with food as fuel, not a reward.

I am an advocate for how you feel, I am here to help you find a home in movement and strength.


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