Here’s your WOW… workout of the week. All you need is a band, your smile and your desire to prioritize YOU today! This strength workout is designed for light loads (the band) and minimal rest to add intensity. REST AS NEEDED BETWEEN ROUNDS UP TO 1 to 2 MINUTES. Let’s do this!

But before you start always remember to warm up….follow along below.

Ok. Here we go. As always you can set a timer and go for time or if you’re a counter go for reps.

Time – 40 to 50 seconds per move with a 15 seconds rest in between

Reps – 10 to 12 reps. Same rest in between.

Beginner – 2 to 3 rounds

Intermediate – 4 rounds

Advanced – 5 rounds

Shredder – 5 rounds PLUS one of my 10 workout finishers!! Free download right right below

10 Free Workout Finishers

1- Banded squat

2- Band Pull Apart

3- Hip HInge/Band dead lift

4- Banded Shoulder Press

There you have it. ONLY 4 moves and you’ve hit all the major areas of the body.

Ride strong, long and happy out there!

Your coach, Tennyson

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