Live follow along workout

Hey all! I’m taking it back to March when well…..the shit hit the fan. This is a live IG workout that I did when we first went into lock down.

The beginning of this is especially important as I talk about ways to stabilize important areas of the body to protect yourself from injury. Take it from me….I still deal with several nagging overuse and improper technique injuries from years ago before being a properly trained personal trainer. Thankfully with the knowledge of how to brace and move my body with intention I have been able to rehabilitate many of these injuries and imbalances. With doing THAT I have in turn noticed a HUGE IMPROVEMENT to my mountain bike riding.

If you have any questions on how to brace better during your workouts, you know that you can always reach out to me at Follow me on IG @gearedstrength and find me on FB as well.

I hope you all are getting some great riding in!

Ride strong and happy out there!

Your coach, Tennyson

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