Strength in Numbers, the Number 1.

It’s prime riding season here. Up until today, it’s been pretty dry and the trails are, as a fellow rider said in a FB post…HERO DIRT. Now, the last thing I want to do is take away from your riding season by going on about your workouts. So I’m going to drop this right here….

Workouts are fuel for rides and rides are fuel for workouts.

Just take a second and think about that and how it resonates for you. While we are at the height of riding season many riders feel that just riding is getting them stronger. To a certain point it absolutely does. The base is being built. But ONLY riding is not going to continue to build upon that base. And without strength training, overuse injuries and muscle imbalances will occur.

Now is the perfect time to just add a little spice. One, just one strength session a week during ride season WILL start to add to that base that your rides are building.

Start there, start now. Commit to three weeks of adding in just one session and then up it to two.

Here’s some fuel for you to get started!

Keep in mind that dumbbells can always be substituted for kettle bells.

You can set a timer and go for time on each move. I would do 40-50 seconds of work on the strength moves and more like 30 seconds of work on the power moves. Or if you prefer counting reps then I would do 8-10 reps on the strength and 6-8 reps on the power.

Ride strong and happy out there!

Your coach, Tennyson

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