A touch of this, a bit of that and a sprinkle of plyo-power

Hey GS fam!

So, quick post this week. The weather these past few days has been UNBELIEVABLE so I have been spending as much time as possible doing something outside….which yes it did include a couple of rides. And have you noticed?? We talk about weather a lot here in Maine.

I have this full body circuit here for you to check out. It’s sooooo awesome! It covers all of the MTB ride specific areas of the body to keep strong throughout the ride season. You’ll move in different planes and I’ve mixed in strength moves, endurance and a sprinkle of power. Everything you need to sustain those trail rides!

PLEASE read through the description at the YouTube link. I provide equipment and move alternatives for you as well as the full lay out of reps per move. Feel free as always to reach out with any questions at my email link below. And give a follow over at FB and IG, say hi when you do! I love it when you all say hello and tell me how your workouts and rides are going.

Ride stronger, longer, and happier.

Your coach, Tennyson

Alright, get at this!

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