A workout for climbs and descents

OK! So here’s the workout that I PERSONALLY did today. I loved it. It felt just like a slow hill climb right up to a fast heart pounding descent….just like a ride. NOTE! I show these moves with a kettle bell but they are easily adapted to do with dumb bells.

Here’s how it works. In the first video, you’ll take a “pedal position” stance or split stance, weight on the side of the forward knee. Keep that knee tracking right over your second or third toe and the knee just a bit behind the big toe. Engage your abs by crunching your rib cage down towards your belly button a bit. Take a deep breath, lower down for 1 second, hold at the bottom for 2-3 seconds, exhale and back up (looking at the video, I really should have slowed that down lots more!) . Slow and steady for 10 reps. Then staying on the same leg, move the weight in the racked position as shown in the next move. This here takes some SERIOUS core engagement to protect the lower back. If you feel any weakness in the lower back while doing this then bring the weight down to where it was before. Now your pace is smooth and little quicker. 1 second up 1 second down for 10 reps. Heart rate is coming up, we’re climbing! Switch to the other leg and do the same moves, same tempo transition and weight placements.

Pedal position split squat with tempo and weight change

Next up we stick with strength and metabolic fusion with my favorite kettle bell swing! If you haven’t mastered the KB swing…well you must. This move right here just has it all when it comes to full body engagement. It takes a fair amount of practice and skill (and can be done with a DB) but just so darn worth the work! Do 15 swings and then jump right into these lateral quick steps. If you don’t have a bench like the one shown then anything that will really get your HR rate up will do. Hit that for roughly 30-40 seconds.

KB Swing and lateral quick steps

When I’m done I watch my HR and when it drops down around 10-15 beats from where it was, I begin my next round. Beginners do 2 rounds, intermediate 3-4, advanced 5 rounds.

Then I finished up with some banded lateral side steps for more all around hip strength. Then some core and shoulder strength and stability with rotational planks and birddogs. I did 4 rounds of all three in a circuit style.

Banded side steps
Rotational planks
Bird Dogs

There you have it! I made up this workout today mostly on the fly because I was feeling like my lower body endurance has been lacking. Tomorrow I’ll hit the road on the single speed to really top it off!

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Ride longer, stronger and happier.

Your Coach, Tennyson.

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