Long weekends call for long rides

Hello everyone and a big, huge hello to some new fellow riders here!

Today here in the state of Maine, at the end of May, it is 84 DEGREES!!! This for the most part is not normal weather for us and we are loving it.

With the long weekend ahead I won’t be sending out my usual weekly blog post. But I did want to pass this on to you all. Last weekend on a ride with my partner Jess, she turned to me and said, “I don’t think about anything else but riding when we’re out here.” She’s in grad school and that’s a HUGE plus for her. I carried that thought through the rest of our ride and on the drive home and this is what I got out of it….

I coach strength and movement so that when you ride you have the confidence in your ability to do just that…….ride. I’m committed to that. The thought of everyone smiling on the trails this weekend just fills me up and stokes my passion for the sport and for training.

I’m hoping that all of you will get the chance to head out for a ride and bask in the glory and all around joy that mountain biking brings to all of us.

So I will leave you with this sweet little clip of a great ride I took with new friends here at home in Maine yesterday evening. Lovely green forest and a charming sunset.

Robinsons Woods, Cape Elizabeth Maine

Ride stronger, longer and happier.

Your coach, Tennyson

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