I’m incredibly lucky to have this time to dial-in TONS of things that have to do with Geared Strength. I’m reminded daily of what I’m seeing around me as people in the community seem to break down yet come together simultaneously.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

You see GS has not one, zero, zilch, none, no paying clients. Building an online training platform from nothing is going to take time and I was so aware of that. While I was working (not as a trainer) to pay the bills and fund this business, I would just peck away at what I could just to get it up and running. Leaving little bread crumbs of social media content at IG and FB here and there on my days off.

Now I have every day, ALL DAY to focus on this. And with each day that I grab one more riders’ attention I gain more traction and focus, and my passion for helping riders get stronger to rider longer and later in life GROWS. Helping people find strength and confidence in movement to enhance their quality of life really is my passion and thankfully I get to pair that with a shared joy of mountain bike riding. I enjoy the feed back, it moves me to keep going, it moves me to put out good content to you and others AND it moves me to be a better trainer.

Now, to circle back around and try and tie this all in to a free workout that I’m about to deliver to you!

My initial thought on this post was while many may have extra time, I have NOT! I find myself glued to my computer, hunched over in a chair (such bad posture!!) building and marketing this training business and the next thing I know, I look at my watch and it’s almost dinner time! CRRRAP! I haven’t worked out yet. I know this it often true for other trainers but it is for sure true of the general, busy working population.

This evening I found myself scurrying out to the garage to mash together these three moves and wouldn’t you know it… BOOM! Workout done! I decided to also video them so you could have this in your back pocket on those days when you’re crunched for time.

So let’s get into it.

FIRST always, ALWAYS warm up your entire body with some active stretch and dynamic movements.

Move #1 – See Saw DB Shoulder press. 12 reps each side.

Do this standing or kneeling. If you find that you have a hard time with a strong core engagement and pelvic tilt to protect your lower back during overhead moevements then come to a kneeling position, and really squeeze your glutes and tuck that tailbone.

Move #2 KB halo to reverse lunge. 10 reps each side.

NOTE this can also be done holding a DB the long way at each end.
Avoid sticking your head out to get the KB back behind your head. Keep a slight chin tuck, engage core, tail bone tuck.

Move #3 Push up to arm reach. 10 reps

These push up reaches can also be done on your knees.

Do this circuit style completing move 1-3 then repeat for 4-5 rounds. Got more time? WELL how about a 10 minute finisher??

Wait? You didn’t download the 10 FREE Workout Finishers that I sent out last week? WHY??? It’s FREEEEEEEEEEE!

Alright, until next time. Ride strong, ride long, ride happy.

Your coach, Tennyson

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