Connection, the non-digital kind

Recently I came across an article regarding habits. I almost didn’t read it because while weight loss is very important for over all health, I try to mostly focus on healthy lifestyle living articles rather than a solid focus on weight loss. Thankfully I skimmed down to what caught my eye to read on.

So what is the #1 “weight loss” habit you ask? Finding someone to share your journey with!

Starting, adopting and maintaining a healthier and/or more active lifestyle is not always an intrinsic quality trait. Finding someone to workout with can most definitely jump-start your new journey. It can be tricky to find that perfect match however….like any form of relationship can be!

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for and building a bond with a workout pal.

  1. Agree on the amount of excess talk during the workout.
  2. Find someone with similar goals…it’s helpful but not necessary.
  3. Working out with a partner that’s more experienced and/or stronger can be a huge plus! Let go of any vulnerabilities around your own ability and you will learn AND gain SO MUCH from someone that’s been at it for a while.
  4. Both of you should be open to changing up the routine. Meaning, everyone plateaus at some point. In order to overcome this, often times switching to different exercises, reps and/or sets is necessary.
  5. Group exercise! Circuit trainings, spin classes, boot camps, yoga, dance, there are tons!

Once you’ve found that match, you can even take it further! Set up a friendly competition or contract to hold each other accountable. Celebrate goals met, posting pictures on each other’s social media accounts, dinner’s out or better yet dinner’s in sharing a new healthy based recipe!

Stay Strong friends!

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