To Track or Not to Track

I fought it for quite some time. I ignorantly felt that they were either for the elite athletes to keep track of their in-depth training (Vo2 max, workout zones etc.) or maybe for those at desk dwelling jobs where the watch actually reminds individuals to get up and get steps in.

I work two jobs, both where I’m constantly moving and on my feet. I also really didn’t feel I needed an overpriced gadget on my wrist in order to keep me honest to my workouts. And lastly, as my age creeps higher and higher, my patience and skill with electronics is becoming less and less.

Yet……I caved, and I love my Fitbit. I have the Fitbit Blaze. My girlfriend has the Fitbit Versa and loves it as well!

First off lets talk looks. The Blaze is (in my opinion) sleek and stylish. I used to have a Diesel watch that was quite similar. I really like that square look.

Different bands are available to customize your watch. One thing that was a big turn off for many is that in order to charge the watch you have to pop out the actual device from the band and place it in a charging dock. I agree, little weird. But I found a charging doc on Amazon that I can put the whole watch on, band and all. Works like a charm.

When you get your Fitbit you’ll want to sign up at as well as download the Fitbit app to your smart phone.

Here you’ll see the dashboard that you can customize to your liking. You can also set up goals and reminders to move within your account which is at the top right corner of the dashboard. It looks like an index card.

I have steps as my main goal at the top. Interesting note by the way….devices that count floors actually have an altimeter sensor that detects elevation! It registers one floor when you climb about 10 feet.

You can scroll through your weekly exercise days and look at calories burned, minutes in heart rate zones (my personal favorite), distance, duration, and the days of week you were active.

And now….my two favorite things about the Fitbit dashboard! Sleep and heart rate zones!

Two reasons you should wear you Fitbit to bed. 1) to measure your sleep and 2) to get an accurate resting heart rate. When looking at the sleep tile it breaks your sleep stages up and give you an explanation and time that you were in each stage. AMAZING!! I’m a little too obsessed with this….

And lastly the heart rate zone. I like this so that I can see how quickly my heart rate recovers from a peak intensity. You can see that break down in the example just above during a spinning session. And look at that fat burn time on the workout session!

So there you have just the basics to get you started. There are lots more you can do with the Fitbit, these are just my favorites! Have fun and stay strong!

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