Welcome, applause and…..

As I sit here on a 90 degree evening in Maine where we just had the reddest fiery sunset…I begin this blog, this journey, and this reinvention.

Last week almost to the day, I became a newly certified Personal Trainer. I’m feeling all kinds of excited, joy, renewed, accomplished….freaking out, vulnerable, with a touch of “WHAT NOW?!”

My name is Tennyson. I have a question. When you think back upon your 10, 15, or 20 years ago… does it feel like another lifetime ago? I’m curious, I’m often curious how other people feel about can I say, the bigger questions in life. Possibly a character flaw from years past…but I’m slowly wrangling with that.

The day that I passed my exam, on my drive home I kept thinking “what type of trainer will I be?”. I kept reaching back in to the depth of memories trying to figure out how and when fitness became such an important part of life. It’s definitely come and gone in waves. But even during the times when it wasn’t physically present in my life, fitness and the desire to move has always been mentally present and intrinsic.

It’s only natural to think ahead to what kind of trainer I will be, where I would like to  specialize, and the possible ultimate goal of having my own training space. For now, I will focus on the present. Focusing on the small daily goals leading up to the bigger picture leading up to more growth.


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