Welcome to Geared Strength!

My name is Tennyson. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of health, fitness, and training information out there to wade through.

When you train with me you will get someone that is personally invested in YOU. Someone that will give you honest answers when you need to hear the truth about health and fitness and how it can and will become part of your life, not just for a period in time. We will train in laughter and we will train in frustration. We will celebrate results and accomplishments and we fight through plateaus and setbacks.

Your search ends here.

What We do

  • We’ve got a “nothing flashy” approach: we build programs and classes designed for functional movement that enhances your everyday life activities and makes for ultra enjoyment for those extracurricular activities.
  • Geared Strength is a personal training business specializing in live virtual fitness classes for people of all identities and fitness levels. It is a transgender & queer-owned and operated business committed to anti-racism. We welcome all gender identities and expressions. We believe in health at every size and a non-restrictive approach to healthy eating: we look to food not as a way to reward workouts, but as a way to nourish and recover your body.

Where We Do It

  • Our virtual classes mean you can move in an environment where you feel most comfortable: there’s no traditional gym culture here. We’re a safe space with a welcoming platform.

Why We Do It

  • We believe movement should be used to connect to your body both physically and emotionally, instead of being used as a punishment.
  • Mainstream fitness and diet culture relies on tired, harmful narratives of what our bodies “should” look like, with outward appearance as the goal. While outward transformations can often be one outcome of movement practice, we believe that how you feel is much more important.
  • No two health and fitness journeys look the same, and they for sure don’t take an upward straight line to a finished product. We embrace the zig and the zag, the shifts, and the temporary halt in practice. We celebrate the vulnerability and patience it takes to find consistency in training movement.
  • We are here to fortify your body and your brain with movement.


HI! My name is Tennyson.

I’m happy to have you here.

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Certified Trainer, indoor cycle instructor, mountain biker, dog owner to the best trail dog, partner to an amazing human that I love sharing time with, transperson, social justice advocate, and sober since 2014.

After transitioning roughly nine years ago, my fitness and weightlifting was centered around the goal of changing my body to fit social norms of thinness and/or the appearance of muscle definition in relation to a more “masculine” outward appearance. As I continued to train, though, I began to realize that the added stability and strength of my body fortified my mind and created new ways of thinking about my body and how it carries me. And as time went on, I have focused more and more on acceptance and gratitude to my body. I am now committed to continuing my own growth in order to facilitate this process with others: it is 100% possible to not view strength training as punishment, to not reward with food but to find nourishment in it, and to celebrate finding a new home in our bodies.

Here is what you WILL get when you train with me:

  • Training sessions built around your needs and ability
  • Highly effective sessions executed with minimal time AND minimal equipment
  • A coach, not a trainer
  • Honesty
  • Effective and open communication
  • A coach that will tirelessly dig into your big picture goal and break it down to smaller achievable goals
  • A coach that fosters consistency

Here is what you will NOT get when you train with me:

  • Flashy complicated moves
  • Thousands of burpees and box jumps
  • Before and after photos
  • Body measurements

More questions? Visit my FAQ page or contact me at tennyson@gearedstrength.com.

Look for more tips at the Geared Strength Instagram and Facebook Page. Click the widgits at the bottom of the page and give me a follow, and say hello! I’m happy to have you along for the ride!

Training Programs

Virtual training IS the new training. I have two very effective options for you:

  • Live small-group virtual training
  • One on one virtual personal training

LIVE small group virtual coached sessions.

  • These are full-body sessions of roughly 30-40 minutes, including a warm-up and cool down.
  • These sessions are coached by me. I will do the first go-through with you then coach the remaining time. This way I can help with form, body movement and placement, possible movement modifications, and–above all–safety.
  • Sessions are built for any fitness level to join in on. Various modifications are demonstrated.
  • Every new client will have an initial, “Hey! Hello!” virtual meeting before attending the first class.
  • Every week we have an undulating periodization design. BUT each month there is a theme that we put a heavy focus on. Think: strength, power, agility, balance, movement focus


Keeping you on your path to more specific fitness goals with virtual 1:1 personal training.

I am right there with you at every session to provide guidance and accountability.

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First up is an initial meet to get acquainted, narrow down goals, and set up a training schedule, and design a program tailored to you.

On the day of your scheduled training session, we sign in together via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime.



Single session $70

5 pack $300

10 pack $550

*Sessions can last up to 50 minutes.

**Because making training accessible to all is very important to me, these prices are offered on a sliding scale.**

Not sure which to choose? Contact me at here, I can help.


What does “small group virtual fitness” mean?

Two keywords here…virtual and small. Virtual classes mean you can move in an environment where you feel most comfortable: there’s no traditional gym culture here. We’re a safe space with a welcoming platform. Being able to train in the privacy of your own space can be very powerful and healing AND you also have the added support of those that are also logging in. GS also has an online closed group to chat with, cheer on, and share experiences.

The groups session numbers are kept small (no more than 10) so that I can effectively coach safe movement.

How much space and equipment do I need?

I create these sessions with minimal in mind, usually 1 or 2 dumbbells. Resistance bands often work in the place of dumbbells and are a great cost-effective way to get started. Minimal space is needed. Any (roughly) 8ft x 8ft space will be just perfect!

Tell me more about your coaching style.

Love to! I’m here to motivate you, I’m here to help you motivate yourself and teach you consistent accountability that over time becomes intrinsic and habitual. I also coach from a place of love, acceptance, and the realization that not everyday needs to be a working day. Some movement is better than none! We celebrate all movements together.

We also celebrate strength. Everyone is deserving of strength and how it defines and aligns with you.

Speaking of goals and transformations…if you’re looking for before and after pictures here on my site, you won’t find them. You won’t find any “30-day challenge!”, “6-weeks to a beach body” or macronutrient calculators. I don’t coach for outward body esthetics. If you lose weight along the way that is for sure a win-win. As far as nutrition goes, yes it very important in a new AND on-going movement and training lifestyle. My approach to nutrition is to foster a better more nourishing relationship with food as fuel, not a reward.

I am an advocate for how you feel, I am here to help you find a home in movement and strength.